Tips for Holiday Celebrations During COVID

Illinois officials and government are urging residents to take steps to avoid spreading COVID-19 to their families and guests over the upcoming holidays.

While we know it's hard around the holidays, the CDC is clear: Staying home is the safest thing you can do. Take this year off from the hectic nature of the holidays and celebrate celebrate only with your immediate household.

Risk is increased any time you introduce people from outside your immediate household -- but there are steps to take should you decide to host guests to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We lay it out to make it easier to be safe for what's hopefully our first -- and last -- COVID-19 Holiday season in Illinois:

  1. Guests should stay six feet apart and wear masks unless they’re eating or drinking.

  2. Avoid singing or shouting that would expel aerosols.

  3. Disinfect surfaces before and after guests have touched your space.

  4. Provide hand sanitizer and limit contact with shared items, like serving utensils.

  5. Anyone symptomatic, exposed to coronavirus, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should not host or go to any gatherings.

  6. At-risk of COVID-19 complications, or if you live/work with someone who is, should avoid gatherings.

We're wishing you a happy and safe holiday by offering a $99 disinfection package, making it affordable to keep yourself and any guests inside your home safer from potentially infected surfaces.

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