Promising Trends in COVID Vaccine Doses, Lower Transmission Rate in Illinois

COVID-19 vaccinations has increased in Illinois, as trends are promising in a declining number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths as of January 27th.

Illinois Department of Public Health's latest daily brief outlined 3,751 confirmed and probable COVID cases, 2,931 patients hospitalized and 81 additional deaths due to the COVID-19 virus.

While restaurants have begun indoor dining, we've yet to see how that affects numbers with an average 14-day infection rate. Regardless, the downward trend has gotten Illinois' numbers to the lowest point since this past summer and at the same time -- vaccinations in the state follow the opposite trajectory.

While coronavirus rates continue to drop in Chicago, Illinois has received 1,790,350 total doses of the vaccine while approximately 43% of the total have actually been administered, according to IDPH.

The downward trend of cases and the upward trend of vaccinations is promising, though only roughly 1% of the state’s population has been fully vaccinated. Continued measures must be taken across Illinois to mitigate the virus' affect on the community including social distancing, handwashing and disinfecting of surfaces through EPA approved methods.

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