6 Tips for Safe Indoor Dining in Illinois

With recent news that Illinois is inching closer towards a return to indoor dining, it's important that we stop the COVID surge and keep both restaurant guests and staff safe once that time comes.

Here are six quick tips that'll keep public trust and confidence amongst the Illinois and the Chicagoland communities:

  1. Be open with your protocols and safety measures. Utilize social media and your website to provide clear direction on what steps you're taking to keep staff and patrons safe during indoor dining in Illinois. Open communication will save you time in answering repeat questions and build confidence amongst potential diners.

  2. Prepare FAQs and statements in advance. Help your employees answer any questions that occur in your restaurant and ensure the message is given consistently across the board to diners. Preparing these statements and FAQ answers helps your staff deliver a reassuring and factual message surrounding your COVID precautions and safety measures.

  3. Develop contact tracing. Contract tracing is not only required by Illinois within the phase for restaurants to reopen, but it's an important part of limiting the spread of COVID-19. Establishing online reservations-only or requiring contact information during transactions through your POS system, it should be integrated in the case a positive COVID case has confirmed from your location.

  4. Manage the on-site customer flow. Make use of all appropriate entrances and exits to guide guests and ensure signs, stanchions or other materials make it easy and seamless for guests, while limiting traffic past/near staff. With aerosol spread also a large factor, consider opening windows or doors when weather permits -- we know it's tough during Chicago winter, but if extra heating can be utilized to compensate, it's highly advised in areas where customers linger.

  5. Provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. With hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes now available commonly, make sure you're stocked at the entrances, exits, restrooms, and potentially each table to encourage its regular use by guests and staff.

  6. Regularly disinfect with EPA-approved solutions. While wiping down surfaces, dishes, silverware, and cooking utensils after each use is good throughout the day, electrostatic disinfection gets to places that are frequently missed or difficult to reach. Pure One Clean offers an EPA-approved cleaning solution with electrostatic disinfection and with a certificate of disinfection able to be displayed, it gives both customers and employees the confidence that you're taking all precautions to keep them safe.

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