Electrostatic Disinfection Frequently Asked Questions


Does electrostatic disinfection actually work?

YES! The electrostatic disinfection systems used by Pure One Clean are approved by the EPA: "Unlike conventional spraying methods, electrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for efficient coating of hard nonporous surfaces."

What is the disinfectant solution that you use?

All spray solutions used by our team utilizes NaDCC as the active ingredient for disinfection, which you can find more information from the manufacturer here.

NaDCC tablets are used throughout the US in the catering industry to meet the FDA's HACCP guidelines, requiring all raw fruits/vegetables to be washed with safe sanitisers before preparation. Our tablets are also EPA registered to form a sanitizing solution that is NSF D2 certified safe for contact with food surfaces.

How long does it take to complete? 

This depends on the size of your area being disinfected. For example, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes to clean and disinfect each room in a hospital when considering the furniture, medical equipment, floors, walls, ceiling, etc. The systems used by Pure One Clean can reduce cleaning and disinfecting times by up to 40%. We follow all equipment manufacturer and supplier instructions thoroughly to meet virus kill claims.


Once our spraying is complete, the system thoroughly disinfects within only minutes. This allows minimal downtime at your facility during preventative spraying or after an outbreak occurs.


How long does it last?

Electrostatic disinfection is not a protective barrier but a way to disinfects, or kills, unwanted pathogens from surfaces that come into contact with the spray. This service will not protect those surfaces from becoming infected again. Our recommended frequency of electrostatic disinfection depends on the location and number of people entering/exiting.


For example, medical facilities, schools and gyms we recommend electrostatic disinfection on a daily or weekly basis due to the amount of people introducing potentially harmful pathogens on a daily basis.

Is it safe for plants/animals/people/pets?

The electrostatic disinfection systems used by Pure One Clean will not harm any plants, animals, people or pets. 


Do we need to remove furniture or electronics? 

Nope! Our disinfection services can be safely performed around electronics such as computers, televisions, laptops, monitors, keyboards and more. Our team is trained to not apply these solutions directly to electronics at close range.

Tables and other hard surfaces are also safe to be sprayed, as electrostatic is non-caustic. For upholstered surfaces, our team will do a spot test to ensure that the disinfectants we use do not negatively react to the dyes in any fabric.


We recommend putting away high-valuables and paper documents though as the small amount of moisture may cause damage to paper surfaces.



Does it have a smell? 

It does have a very light chlorine smell, though it does not stay for very long depending on the room size and amount of furniture/equipment being sprayed.



Do I need to shutdown my home/business? 

Yes and no. We require your home/business to shut down while we're spraying, but it will be safe to reenter immediately after it has been sprayed. We recommend waiting at least 10 minutes to re-enter, as this gives the disinfectant enough time to dry and dwell on surfaces long enough to kill unwanted pathogens.

Our process is estimated to reduce the down time of your home/facility by up to 40% due to our ability to handle large areas quickly and the relatively low time required to settle after we spray.


Does it leave a residue?

There can be a light residue. Disinfection often leaves streaks, and in this case, a light haze. If touchpoints and surfaces are being wiped down daily, which they should be, residue can be mitigated.

Our team is also conscious of streaks and residue, doing our best to avoid any added work on your end after we spray.

Are you insured?

Yes! Pure One Clean is insured and a COI can be ​shared with you, your company, property management company or complex prior to scheduling our service.